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Suzhou Sanical's masks are NIOSH N95 certified

With the outbreak of new coronaviruses worldwide,there is a great demand for masks.

But now the masks on the market are mixed, especially the n95 masks。 Many n95 masks have no certificate at all。 They are simply not qualified to call themselves n95 masks。

In fact, the n95 mask is a particulate respirator certified by the US NIOSH agency。

AG体育Only masks that have been certified by NIOSH can be printed with the words NIOSH N95 on the masks and can be found on the US CDC website。

We, Suzhou Sanical, we are mask manufacturer, and our mask is NIOSH N95 certified mask。

n95 mask

if you want to buy real NIOSH N95 certified mask,please kindly contact with us!

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