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Why Do People Rank Things?

Ranking or rank is described as the sum total of a person’s power and privileges at any given moment. You earn some of your power and privilege over your life, by facing life’s challenges and overcoming them. Some rank is unearned; you acquire it by birth or social position. Rank is not constant and can change from moment to moment in a particular situation. ? Tim Spalding I love updating myself about the trends of today like the sexiest men alive, best universities, most viewed on YouTube etc. One day while chatting with my friend about Adam Levine as sexiest man alive of 2013 I asked her this question, “Is it okay if people ranked you? Will you not get hurt?” then she answered me “ranking is peoples’ nature whether you like it or not you can’t please them or stop them from ranking you in different categories” I guess she was right, neither positive nor negative ranking, whether it compliments us or not at all we don’t have the power to control it. Ranking can affect human status in life. For instance, Adam Levine becomes a big hit world wild because he was ranked as sexiest man alive of 2013. Imagine how it affects to human’s image? Another example is social ranking. If people know your social rank this will be their basis if they’ll respect you or not. Usually, people tend to make friends to those who have powers, who are influential or famous people but notice if you belong to lower class, Rank can see through gesture, tone of voice, the way you talk even language used, how you dress etc. nobody can’t hide his/her social rank. Ranking is omnipresent and it is blatantly. It will come out in double-signals; you may be saying one thing but your body language will be telling a different story.

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