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How Rankings have Taught us to be Competitive

From the top ten students of the year, to the top music videos of the week, top employees of the month and the top universities in the world, our lives have been constant struggles to come out on top of a ranking.
Even early into our childhood education, we were taught to compete in school to make it to the top of the ladder. Higher up into the rankings would mean having higher grades, prouder parents, bigger Christmas presents, greater status and better chances of making it big in the corporate world. This is how we were taught the importance of ranking: it affects every aspect of our lives. We compete to get higher grades in school because we were taught that this was a sure way to get into well-ranked universities. Graduating from such a university would give us better chances in the fight to make it on top of the corporate ladder so we could get better paid jobs. All our life, we are unconsciously competing to be on top of a ranking ? in school, in contests and in our careers.
Who taught us to be so competitive? Our education and the media did. Media has exposed us to different rankings when it convinced us that listening to the top 10 songs would make us cool, making it to the better ranked universities would make you smart, being one of the hottest males or sexiest females would give you more attention, watching the top movies would make you a socialite, reading well-reviewed books would make you cultured, having the top fashion magazines would make you trendy and so much more. Everywhere we look, we are bombarded with these rankings, these lists, and these fights to come out on top. We were taught that the few people who make it on top of a ranking always win: they become the richest people, most-voted politicians, most successful businessmen and the happiest people. Or perhaps not the last.
This culture of comparison and ranking has become so innate that we compete against our fellow students, co-employees and worst, with ourselves. We are never confident with our capabilities as we know there will always be people on top of us in various rankings. Because of this value on rankings that our education and the media have taught us, we have become very competitive that we lose sight of everything else.

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