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Checking the Keyword Ranking

Ranking is a very important thing to a website. Though it may not be known by many, the website itself pays attention to it. Why? Because the rank of a keyword is the position at which a website appears in the search engines when it is typed in the search bar. This means that the higher rank you have in a lot of keywords, the higher the possibility that more people will know of your website.
This is a very good way to advertise or to let people know of your site. So, being aware of the rank of your website in some keywords will surely help you to know your status in the internet and will allow you to make certain moves to help your website if necessary.
There are 3 ways in checking the Keyword Ranking of your website, first is through the SEO Centro Rank Checker. What you need to do is to browse to the rank checker page on the SEO Centro Website. Once you’re there, type the keywords that you want to check the ranking of. You should also enter your homepage address in the domain box. If you want to check competitor’s websites, you may also add them so you will be able to compare. Read the access code and enter it. After submitting it, the ranking of your website will be shown under the rank column of different search engines.
Next is through the Ranking Page. Provide the URL for the website that you want to check the ranking for then type the keywords that you want to search; you may add up to 3 keywords at a time. Enter the validation code when it says “Enter code” and once you do that, tick the boxes next to the search engines you want to check the ranking of a keyword for. Once done, push the “Check Ranking” Button and you will be shown the ranking of the keywords you provided in the search engine.
Lastly is through Search Bliss. Go to the keyword ranking page on the search bliss website. Once there, enter the keyword you want to check the ranking for. Provide the URL of the website and insert the code in capital letters as it appears in the access code area. Once done, click the “Generate Report” and you will be shown the ranking of the keywords you searched for.
It may appear as simple searching for ranks, but this will certainly help you gauge the popularity of your website and how known it is in the internet world. By knowing the ranking, you will be able to have countermeasures to increase the popularity of your site if necessary.

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