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Getting up at that Class Ranking

Many hold education to be of great importance. Well, that is certainly true that’s why many treat class rankings to be of the same importance. They think that being in the top of the class will mean greater opportunities for you. But still, those who don’t mind about this still exist. But for those who want to get their feet up in that class ranking, it may be both easy and hard for you.
I know you might have that churning feeling at night and you can’t get to sleep. Well, better get a good one because you will certainly need it to get that ambition of yours to rise up to the class ranking. First and foremost, you should talk to the counsellor first. Well, different school holds different subjects of importance. This is important as you this will help you focus on subjects that are a must and will help you gain a hold on that top place in the class ranking you want.
Next is to study and study. Studying your heart out will be the foundation of your goal. It does not mean memorizing everything but learning everything about the ins and outs about the subject. The textbook is just a form of learning and simply memorizing it won’t help you attain a long term hold on the knowledge you’ve read. It is the true mark of a good learner to know the subject by mind and by heart.
You should also get extra-difficult classes if you can, but don’t do so if you know that you can’t do it. Do minor classes like P.E during summer in order for you to manage time evenly and balancing out sleeping and studying when it’s time to do so. Also, studying and studying will surely get you rise in that ranking but never be impatient. You will never get first place in the ranking overnight. To get up in the ranking you should accompany your effort with confidence and patience.
Having a high class ranking surely is something that you might be able to boast and be proud of specially if you know that you deserve it. But in saying this, I would also like to remind you to be moderate in studying and know when to rest. Remember that the class is only a confined space, and the world is where you would really want to be on top of the ranking.

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